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Novel Coronavirus — July 12, 2021 Update: Explore Scouts Canada’s actions as we continue to follow the direction of government and health agencies in maintaining public health. View recommendations and stay informed here.

Vision for Camps

Scouts Canada is inviting you to join us on a new, exciting adventure that will create a lot of buzz. We are creating a new vision for our camps across Canada. Our goal is to transform our camps into facilities that better reflect our image of a modern, relevant and fun organization.

We know our members love their local camps and this project aims to reshape them so that they can be used to their true potential – which is not always the case at the moment.

Get Involved - Share your voice

Are you passionate about Scouts Canada camp experiences? Everyone in the Scouting community can get involved through a series of surveys. We want to ensure your aspirations and perspectives are captured in the new vision for remodeling our camps into Scouting Adventure Centres.

Together we can reimagine our program infrastructure and support, so that our camps aren't just a place to eat and sleep, but a place that consistently drives quality Scouting adventures.


Focus Groups

We’ve learned a lot already but have identified some key areas where we would like to dig deeper and ensure we understand each Section’s needs and preferences. To facilitate that, we will now shift from surveys to focus groups, so we can have specific, detailed conversations with Scouters, parents and youth from each Section. 


Focus Group Registration

What we’ve heard so far

Explore the results of the surveys that we have completed to date:

All Stakeholder Survey Summary (PDF)

All Stakeholder Survey All Responses (PDF)

Why is Scouts Canada is reimagining camps?

Throughout Scouts Canada's history, properties have played a crucial role in supporting Scouts' adventures, providing access to pristine wilderness and program infrastructure that wouldn't have been available otherwise.

Currently, Scouts Canada's property portfolio is not sustainable. To meet member and parent expectations, our portfolio is in need of drastic updates to its infrastructure to follow modern safety requirements and provide members with clean, functional facilities.

We have an awesome opportunity to think big, without constraints or limitations, and to define a collective vision for our camps that sets a new standard for dynamic outdoor adventures and experiences.

Together, we can work toward a modern, Mission-aligned portfolio of Scouting Adventure Centres that reflects our brand and makes it easier for youth and Scouters to pursue great, safe Scouting adventures.

By the Numbers

To learn more about this exciting "A New Vision For Our Camps" project, explore these additional resources:

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