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Council Team

The following Council Team is made up of dedicated volunteers from in and around Central Escarpment Council. Please feel free to contact them should you have any questions. If your email program does not launch when clicking an email link, simply right-click on the email link and select "Copy email address". Open your email program and paste into your message.  

The Council Leadership Team consists of the Council Key Three, Council Functional Leads, Group Support Scouters, and Scouting Relationship Managers. 

If you are interested in volunteering with Central Escarpment Council, then check out our Volunteer Opportunities page.

Central Escarpment Council Service Team

  • Council Key Three
  • Council Key Three

    The Council is managed by 2 volunteers (Council Commissioner and Council Youth Commissioner) and one employee (the Council Relationship Manager). The Council Commissioner is responsible for all aspects of program implementation, delivery, service and support as well as the implementation of Scouts Canada’s policies. The Council Youth Commissioner chairs the Council Youth Engagement Team and is responsible for providing direction, counsel and support to the Youth within the Council. The Council Relationship Manager is responsible for all non-program functions that provide support to the program and program delivery.

    Bryan Smith

    Scouting Relationship Manager

    Mark Wyatt

    Council Commissioner

    Justin Shutsa

    Council Youth Commissioner
  • Council Functional Leads
  • Council Functional Leads

    Supports the Council Key 3, Group Support Scouters and the Scouting Relationship Managers with the implementation of the Council Business Plan (in conjunction with Scouts Canada's 5 priorities) as they help accomplish our mission of developing well rounded you better prepared for success in the world.

    Eric Durham


    Mike McCoy




    See the Volunteer Opportunities page to join our team!

    David Bushell


    Albert Fuchigami


    Jennifer Levitt Birdsall

    Scouter Development

    Eric Post


    Alex Post


    Peter Marsh

    Special Events

    David Frederick

    Special Projects

  • Council Volunteers
  • Council Volunteers

    Role Name Email Address
    Webmaster Brian Peebles
    Social Media Ryan Jenkins  
  • Staff Directory
  • Staff Directory

    Role Name Email Address
    Regional Director - Central Canada Jay Hoffman
    Council Relationship Manager Alyssa McGinnis
    Scouting Relationship Manager Bryan Smith
    Scouting Relationship Manager Bryan Meere
    Operations Manager - Ontario and Quebec Dave Osborne
    Property Operations Manager - Properties Michael Howard
    Member Services Registrar
    Camp Bookings Co-ordinator Michelle Babiarz
    Property Operations Coordinator
    Kavita Bachew
    COSC Executive Assistant Rosalie Pelkey
    Financial Analyst Hoa Van Nguyen
    Fundraising Coordinator Jenevie Austin
    Administrative Assistant Meena Bharwani
  • Youth Directory
  • Youth Directory

    Role Name Email Address

    CEC Youth Engagement Team

    The CEC Youth Engagement Team is a collection of youth who champion youth involvement at all levels of Scouts Canada.

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