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Scouts Canada - Blue & Gold Award

Recognition for Effective Venturering

The Blue & Gold Award is an annual award representing total company effort. It is presented to a company recognizing achievement in two of the experience elements - leadership and organization. This award can be awarded more than once.

A Company qualifies to earn the award when it has operated for the current year with:

  • A set of by-laws, meaningful and understood by the members.
  • A full slate of officers for the current year as outlined in the Company by-laws.
  • Held an election of officers
  • Conducted a training session for its officers elect.
  • Had its members regularly plan and participate in the Company program.
  • Completed a year¡¦s program that has included some activity in each of the six challenge areas.
  • Met on at least two occasions with the Group Commissioner and/or members of the group or section committee to advise them of Company progress.
  • All its members registered, with registration fees and dues (if applicable) fully paid.

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