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Council Team

The Nova Scotia Council Team is composed of many volunteers and staff who work tirelessly to support scouting here in Nova Scotia. Each group in the country has an assigned support person to aid and assist scouters in their roles. Here you can learn more about how to contact a member of our team.

For more information on the Group Support Model please visit an FAQ here.

  • Council Key Three
  • Council Key Three

    The Council is managed by two volunteers (the Council Commissioner and the Council Youth Commissioner) and one employee (the Council Relationship Manager). Together these three individuals form the Council Key 3 who are esponsible for all aspects of program implementation, delivery, service and support as well as implementation of Scouts Canada’s policies. 

    Allan Carrington

    Council Commissioner

    Amy Kehoe

    Council Youth Comissioner

    Kate Larkin

    Council Relationship Manager

  • Key Volunteers
  • Volunteer Support Team

    Role Name Email Address
    Council Communications Lead Justin Chenier
    Council Recognition Lead Gwen Mosher
    Council Fundraising Coordinator  Paul Savoie
  • Group Support Team
  • Group Support Team

    Role Name Email Address
    Group Support Scouter Paul Batson
    Group Support Scouter Justin Chenier
    Group Support Scouter Jacques Sauve
    Scouting Relationship Manager Justin Dubreuil
    Scouting Relationship Manager Darlene Maund
    Scouting Relationahip Manager Mark Sokolowski
  • Voting Representatives
  • Council Voting Representatives

    Council Voting Representatives (or CVR's) speak for the interests of all Scouting members within the Council. CVR's vote on motions at the Annual General Meeting of Scouts Canada every fall and at any special meetings that are called. Some of these duties include: recommendations from the Nominating Committee regarding appointments to the Board of Governors, recommendation of the Audit Committee regarding the appointment of auditors for the following year, reports from management, the Vice-Chair Finance and Audit Committee. Council Voting Representatives are elected annually and serve until August 31st of the following year, or until the next election. 


    If you have an issue or suggestion, please let us know. We will be collecting feedback throughout this year to make sure we are adequately representing our Council.  Please feel free to reach out to us about any scouting related topic that you feel is important.


    Amy Kehoe

    Council Voting Representative


    Zach Fitzsimmons

    Council Voting Representative


    Justin Dubreuil

    Council Voting Representative


  • Staff Directory
  • Staff Directory

    Role Name Email Address
    Regional Director Christopher Blais
    Council Relationship Manager  Kate Larkin
    Scouting Relationship Manager  Justin Dubreuil
    Atlantic Operations Manager Stacy Adair
    Member Services Registrar
    Linda McEwen
    Financial Service Advisor Glenn Day