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Scout Safety Permits

Scouts Safety Permits
When you've satisified your Troop Leadership Team and Scouters that you've learned the necessary skills and possess a responsible attitude to use these tools safely, you will receive a signed permit. These skills will make you a safer camper. 


Permit Cards.pdf

The objective of these workshop guides is to assist the Scouter and/or Scout youth to be able to describe and demonstrate its safe use in Scouting. Completion of these workshop modules is then marked as complete on the individual Scout Canadian Trails map and awarded the permit, available from Scout Shop. Alternatively, one can use the permit cards PDF found on this page.


Acknowledgment for the above Scout Saftey Permit training modules goes to 2nd Russell Scouting Group, Ontario.

Authors: Paul Young-Davies, Chuck Fraser, Chris Baldry, Garth Jonah
Versions: August 18th 2009, April 11th 2010