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Équipe fonctionnelle des communications

One Scouts Canada Voice

Standardized, integrated & consistent communications across Canada

Scouts Canada has the strategy, program, youth and the passion of our volunteers to create a vibrant Scouting community nationwide. To achieve consistent and standardized communications across Canada, the Communications Functional Team model has been introduced.

Operating as a centralized functional group of virtual specialists, the Communications Functional Team (CFT) contributes to a wider network of subject matter experts across Canada. Supported by a collaborative leadership team of staff and volunteers, the CFT is ready to provide Scouts Canada’s membership with relevant, up to date resources and support. This approach will offer enhanced, standardized and integrated support to volunteers, Groups, Relationship Managers, Councils and other functional teams. As a new initiative, the CFT launch phase will be paralleled by gradually increasing capacity.

The CFT mandate is to lead the design, implementation and continuous improvement for standardized, integrated and consistent communications for Scouts Canada. This involves managing our five business processes, including: Internal and External Communications, Creative Services, Recruitment Campaign, Translation Network and defining the Scouts Canada Brand.

To deliver on our mandate, the CFT’s main objectives are as follows:

  Communications Functional Team
 Objective Outcome
Aligned, accurate, timely and relevant membership communications that reflect the Scouts Canada brand. Mitigated risk of mixed messaging and assurance of consistent communication delivery.
Empower self-service through a revitalized Brand Centre. An enriched digital engagement portal, available 24/7 for Groups and Councils to support their initiatives.
Centralized management of communications processes, frameworks, channels, standards, tools, and subject matter expertise. Enable Councils and Group Commissioners to focus more on Group Health and growth, and less on wider1 membership communications. 

1 ‘Wider’ does not include internal Group and Section communication. See Communications Standard for more information.
Increased career development opportunities for youth members. Further driving our Mission, select CFT roles invite mentorship opportunities between volunteers and youth.

To improve Scouts Canada’s national communications network, the CFT offers a standardized application process to open a channel of communication with Relationship Managers, other functional teams and Councils. Requests for support can be submitted for consideration by the functional team, with guidance from a Communications Coordinator through a designated process.

Note: Not all requests can or will be supported – the intent is to provide support for priority, must-win Group Health or growth projects that cannot be better supported through self-serve or the Brand Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

CFT Application Forms are submitted by Communications Coordinators on behalf of requests that have been escalated through the CFT process. Please review the Process Table to guide your request actions.

After the form is submitted, you will receive an automated message confirming it has been received. Within five business days, your application will be reviewed and processed by CFT volunteers. Whether your application is approved or not, you will be contacted with next steps.

Once the workshop material is developed, members will receive an announcement with dates for when the workshops will be hosted. Sign-up opportunities will be made available for all Scouts Canada members.

When login information was distributed to each Council for their website template, this included a series of instructional videos. If you require technical assistance, please notify the Scouts Canada individual who provided you with the initial login information.

If you are requesting the development of a custom resource that would likely be relevant to members across Canada, please see the Process Table for guidance on how to escalate your request to the CFT.

The CFT model is a move away from Council-based communications to a networked model of support to deliver a One Scouts Canada brand. Your Council will share a Communications Coordinator with other Councils in your Region. Once Communication Coordinators have been identified and confirmed, an announcement will be released to notify Councils of their shared coordinator.

As the CFT continues to evolve and transition post-launch, we are recommending that Scouts Canada maintain their current methods for communication with adherence to the Communications Standard. As CFT changes are implemented, we will notify our membership.