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Scouts Canada Strategic Plan Engagement

September 23, 2021

Scouts Canada’s Board of Governors has been busy developing a new Strategic Plan to set the direction of the organization over the coming years. This fall members, youth and parents will have an opportunity to review and provide feedback on the Board’s best ideas to strengthen Scouts Canada in a post-pandemic world. Ultimately, the goal of this plan is to strengthen Scouts Canada’s impact and provide access to great, safe Scouting adventures to more youth across Canada.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed Canadians and although the full effects won’t be known for many years to come, it’s likely that Scouts can benefit from the refocus on family-time, outdoor activities, and social causes. There’s no doubt, however, that the pandemic has accelerated pre-Covid trends around technology, digital content and on-demand virtual experiences, which we will need to continue incorporating appropriately. Scouts Canada needs to be adaptive and evolve with Canadians to remain relevant.

Scouts Canada also needs to ensure that we’re inclusive and welcoming to all Canadians in order to achieve our Mission. Whether it’s through our traditional Scouting programs, or new delivery methods for our Mission, we must leverage our strengths to ensure we’re engaging more members of our communities.

At the heart of our inclusion journey must be a recognition of our origins and genuine reconciliation with Indigenous communities. Scouts Canada’s Board of Governors has committed to a series of actions that will help us begin our Reconciliation journey, and which will provide a great foundation for more broad inclusion initiatives in the future. 

There’s no shortage of great ideas for how to help Scouts Canada achieve its Mission, but we are constrained by the resources that we have available to bring these initiatives to life. To grow our capacity, we also need to explore new models to unlock the value of our properties in ways that provide ongoing, dependable revenue in support of the core organization. 

It's also critical that we hear from our Scouters, youth and parents, and gather their thoughts on which are the most important priorities to strengthen Scouting in Canada. We invite you to complete a brief survey (below), which is based on the following overview of the proposed Strategic Plan:

Beyond the survey, we will also be hosting a series of Focus Group workshops this fall. You are invited to register for one of three workshops scheduled:  

All members are welcome to attend a workshop to ask questions and provide feedback on the proposed Strategic Plan.


Prior to completing the survey, read the Strategic Plan Overview:  

Strategic Plan Overview

Then take the survey: 

Strategic Plan Survey

Focus Groups

Beyond the survey, we will also be hosting a series of Focus Group workshops this fall. You are invited to register for one of three workshops.

October 14, 20:00 ET

October 21, 20:00 ET

October 28, 20:00 ET