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Protect all the living species that share the land with us, including using forests in a way that will continue to preserve them for years to come, fighting back against desertification and land damage and stopping the loss of biodiversity.

Are you ready to keep our planet healthy?

The Earth is home to millions of species –including us – and provides food, water, shelter and clean air, so long as we work together to keep it in a fine balance. In order to protect our land, we must stop deforestation and preserve biodiversity. In Canada, this means working to ensure that all species can thrive through conserving ecosystems and habitats. We need to be careful in our use of resources, including land, as the natural world shrinks due to our impact.

You can protect the terrain around you by organizing a community clean up, restoring a local trail, by applying the seven principles of Leave No Trace to your next adventure and more.

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SDG Goal 15 - Life on Land

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