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Let’s make sure everyone has access to the food they need, and that food is being grown in ways that we can continue to use for years to come.

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Imagine a world where nobody is left hungry. This Goal aims to make sure that everyone has access to the food they need and that our food is being grown in sustainable ways. Nourish your community by organizing a food drive, supporting local farmers or donating to a breakfast program at a local school.


Activities for Good Nourishment



Nourishing Activities

  • Start basic — Canada’s Food Guide offers great information on the different kinds of foods that you should try to eat every day. Use it to plan your next camp menu! 
  • Check out a local farmer’s market near you and buy some local food. The price might be a bit higher than the store, but it’s worth it for the great taste!
  • Help others to get the nutrition that they need by getting involved with your local food bank! Food banks could always use a hand, whether it’s helping to collect food, sort food or distribute food! 
  • Champions for Nature Challenge — Become a champion for nature and biodiversity by developing sustainable habits for an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle.


SDG Goal 2 - Zero Hunger

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