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Let's make sure that everyone has access to clean water for drinking and staying clean. As we know, washing our hands with clean water is the one the best ways to stay healthy and avoid getting sick!

Water you waiting for?
Today, almost 800 million people do not have access to clean water: that is 1 in 10 people! The amount and quality of water available for human consumption is being influenced by damaged ecosystems and pollution. Let’s get together to bring awareness and discuss the role each of us can play to ensure everyone has access to safe water.

Goal 6 InfographicActivities to Quench Your Thirst!

Let’s Make Some Waves!

  • What are some ways that you can be more water conscious?
  • How might our actions affect other people? Is there anything you can change to keep our water a bit cleaner? 
  • How can you help to decrease the amount of pollutants in the water on Earth? 
  • Why is water an important part in every ecosystem?  


SDG 6 — Clean Water and Sanitation

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