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Review and Celebrate

When your summer adventures have wrapped up, don’t forget to review your experience.

 Plan-Do-Review is one of the Four Elements of The Canadian Path, and if there’s one part of the cycle that tends to get overlooked, it’s reviewing adventures. Reviewing helps Scouts to recognize what went to plan on an adventure and what didn’t, and it helps with better planning on future adventures! Reviewing an adventure also supports personal development in the SPICES – the six attributes Scouting aims to foster.

Take the time to celebrate your summer adventure, too! Appreciating a great, safe Scouting experience will help to build anticipation for all the wonderful adventures that lie ahead. It can be a lot of fun to collect photos of a summer adventure and put them together as a digital slideshow to share online, or to create a skit or song about your summer adventure to perform for another Section. Older Sections can make celebrating their adventures a linking activity by getting together with a younger Section to talk about the amazing things they did over the summer.

Celebrating adventures is also a good way for Scouts to let their parents know just how much fun they’re having, and how they’re developing into well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world.

Both Colonies and Packs should reflect on the SPICES when reviewing their summer adventures. Ask the right questions to recognize personal growth.

Drawing is a fun and easy way for Beavers to review their summer adventures. When the Beavers are finished drawing their favourite parts of the adventure, they can share their pictures with each other, their Scouters and their parents!

Roses and Thorns is another fun and easy review activity for Beavers. It’s a good way for Beavers to learn to both appreciate the highlights of an adventure and to discover ways that they can do a little better the next time.

talking stick is a good way for Cubs to collectively review an adventure. This review activity ensures each Cub has an opportunity to share his or her thoughts. It’s also a great way for everyone to develop their listening skills!

Beavers and Cubs

Scouts, Venturers and Rovers

Patrols and Expedition Teams should reflect on the SPICES when reviewing their summer adventures. Ask the right questions to recognize personal growth. Rover Scouts can reflect on the SPICES as part of reviewing an adventure, too, whether as a Team or one-on-one with their mentors.

Reviewing a summer adventure while still out in nature can heighten the appreciation of the experience. Try reviewing your summer adventure around the campfire on your last night out.

Make your review both visual and physical with the activity described on the Agree or Disagree Trail Card.

Many Scouts love acting. Crafting and performing a skit can be a fun way to review a summer adventure. It’s also a great way for Scouts to share a great summer adventure with their parents!

If your Section has a website, it can be a great place to post pictures, videos and blog posts about your adventures. The process of putting all this material together is a great way to review, and it will inspire both your own Section and others to get out and share great Scouting adventures!

Keep a camp journal on your summer expedition. When your adventure’s done, get together with the others on your Expedition Team to share some of your daily reflections with each other.

Venturer Scout Expedition Teams can review their summer adventures by composing detailed logs of their experiences. Why not submit your Expedition Team’s log to the Amory Adventure Award competition‽

Is there a member of your Section who has a way with words? Share your Section’s awesome summer adventure with the Scouts Canada community by posting an entry on the Adventures on the Path blog! Your contribution might just inspire another Scout’s adventure of a lifetime!

For even more ideas on how to review and celebrate your summer adventure, see the “Ways to Review” section in the Venturer Scout Handbook and the Rover Scout Handbook (page 4 in both).