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 A Moo-ving Adventure

Visit a local farm and learn about how they care for their animals! How do farms help us? How is a farm different than a house in the city?

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  • Do you know a local farm that you can visit? If not, where could you find information? 
  • When will you visit the farm? 
  • What would you like to learn while you are there?
  • What will you need to bring on this adventure?


  • Find a local farm that allows visitors. Before visiting, make sure it’s ok for you to visit and see if you can arrange for someone to show you around the farm. 
  • Visit the farm!  
  • Learn about how farms operate, and how they take care of their animals and the different crops they grow. 


  • What did you learn about farms? 
  • What was your favourite part of your visit? 
  • What did you learn about how farms impact our lives? 
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map

Keep it Simple

If you can’t visit a real farm, you can learn more about the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum – they have lots of great online activities and program that will teach you about all of the different things that farms do! 

Take it Further

Can you help out at a farm? See if there are any programs near you that let you become a farmer! Learn about the different tasks that farmers do each day to help take care of their animals, crops and farm!