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Campfire Stories

At a campfire, take turns sharing skits, reliving experiences around a given theme, such as “Best Day Ever” or “The Bravest Thing I Ever Did.” What a great way to learn a little more about the members of your Troop!

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  • Decide on your campfire skit theme.
  • How long will you have to create your skit?
  • What size of groups will you work in or will you work solo?
  • This activity will work well as part of a camp, and the theme for the stories might relate somehow to the day you’ve just shared. For example, after a long day of paddling against the wind on a canoe trip, you and your Patrol might reflect on other difficult challenges you’ve faced by dramatizing them


On a camp, take some time at the campfire to share stories on a theme of your choice


  • What did you learn about the others from their skits?
  • What common elements emerged?
  • What story inspired you the most?
  • How has watching these skits changed your personal beliefs?

Keep it Simple

  • Rather than acting out your stories, use these prompts as questions to start your discussion! Move around the circle and have each person share their answer.

Take it Further

  • Turn this activity into charades! One group should act out the story and the other has to try to narrate what is happening – this might get pretty silly!