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Lost and Find Me

Are you ready to take your hide and go seek game to the next level? As a team, you will use maps and create clues to lead the other teams to you. This game challenges you to find a good hiding spot, but also to leave good maps and clues so that you can be found!

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  • Where and when do you want to have this Adventure?
  • Do you have maps of the area? How can you get some?
  • What are the rules for this Adventure?


  • Decide on a time and place to have this Adventure.
  • You’ll need a map, too. You might want to try this out in the neighbourhood around your meeting hall, or at your Scout Camp.
  • As a team, choose a place to hide, and then come up with a clue for the other team. It’s important that the other team needs to read its map to find you.
  • For example, if your team wants to hide out by the beach at your Scout camp, you can provide a fun and challenging hint to the other team: “One hundred metres west of the parking lot, and four hundred metres north of the railway bridge. Don’t get your feet wet!”
  • If the other team can find the railway bridge and the parking lot on the map, then they shouldn’t have too much trouble finding your team’s hiding place.
  • Once they find you, it can be their turn to give your team a clue and hide themselves!


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?
  • How did your team work together on this Adventure?
  • Who was the best seeker? Who was the best hider? What made them the best? What would you do differently next time?

Keep it Simple

  • Use a real map to create your own map for this activity. Then, using the map you’ve made, mark out your hiding spot with an X. The other team will use your handmade map and the real map to try to figure out where you are!

Take it Further