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North, South, East, West

Do you know the directions on a compass? This game will help you learn north from south and east from west!

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  • What gear do you need for this Adventure?
  • Who will call out the directions? How will you decide?
  • Who will decide who is out?
  • When and where will you play?
  • What will the people who are out do while the game is still being played?
  • How will you know which direction is which?


  • Use a compass to figure out the four directions while standing in a square court or field.
  • Everyone starts in the middle, and the person leading the game calls out a direction.
  • Everyone has to run to the line on that side of the court or field, and the last person there is out.
  • Play until everyone is out except for the winner.


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?
  • Why is it useful to know your directions?
  • How might you figure out the directions if you do not have a compass?
  • What would you like to do next using a compass?

Keep it Simple

  • Label each direction until you get the hang of the directions! You can do this by assigning landmarks, pylons with paper signs, etc. to help you out.

Take it Further

  • Once you’re comfortable with north, south, east and west, add in other directions. You can use things like northeast, southwest, etc.