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Adopt a Care Home

In your community, there might be people who live in retirement homes or long-term care centres. Everyone needs some extra smiles sometimes! By adopting a care home near you, you can make the residents smile by sending cards and homemade puzzles to cheer them up regularly.

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  • Is there a retirement home or long-term care home in your community? How can you contact them to find out more? 
  • What will you send to residents? 
  • How will you send your cards or letters to ensure that they all arrive at once? 


  • Using paper and markers, or even paint, decorate cards with positive messages, jokes, or anything else to make residents smile!  
  • Next, build your own puzzle or other paper board games, using cardboard or Bristol board and colouring in the designs – to give residents an extra challenge to keep them busy.  
  • Find a way to safely deliver your creations, either by arranging a time to drop them off or sending them by mail. 


  • How did it feel to make a project to give to someone else? 
  • Will you keep working with the home in the future? 
  • What will you send in future packages? 
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map


  • Paper (construction, Bristol, normal) 
  • Cardboard 
  • Markers/crayons 
  • Puzzle print-outs 
  • Envelopes 

Keep it Simple

  • Start off by sending simple crafts or projects – drawings or cards are a great way to send a smile to someone! You can all share a simple message like “keep smiling!” or “stay safe!” 

Take it Further

  • This project can become a long-term partnership for your Section. Even if you cannot see residents in person, many care homes can help to arrange virtual calls. Plan and perform a campfire for residents or arrange to have a video chat with them to learn about their lives.