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Adopt a Firefighter

Every day, firefighters across Canada risk their lives to put out fires. Whether a house fire, bush fire or forest fire, firefighters are on the scene to control the blaze and save communities. As a team or Section, show your appreciation for the work of our dedicated firefighters. Write letters to express your thanks and send them a care package as a token of gratitude – you could even include some tasty Scout Popcorn! Your support can go a long way to help boost spirits.

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  • How can you learn about the work of forest-firefighters in Canada—or even the work of Canadian forest-firefighters in other countries?
  • How can you get your care packages to the firefighters?
  • What will you include in your care packages?
  • How much will your care packages cost?


  • Learn about forest fires burning in Canada and the people who are fighting them.
  • Send the firefighters care packages to show your thanks and support!


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?
  • Did you receive any response from the firefighters? If so, what was shared?
  • How has this adventure changed how you think about the work of firefighters?

Keep it Simple

  • Start by visiting your local fire station and learn about what firefighters do in your community!

Take it Further

  • Research what kind of training firefighters do – try to do your own version of this training. You might even be able to join up with a local fire station and train with them!