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Barefoot Walk

Every day, we walk across many different types of ground. Use your sense of touch to tell a partner about the ground you are walking over. How do you know when the ground changes?

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  • Do you want to do this adventure indoors, outdoors or at camp?
  • What does your sense of touch tell you about the world around you?
  • Where will you go on your barefoot walk?


  • Outdoors, walk across different kinds of terrain – grass, gravel, dirt or pavement. To do this adventure indoors, White Tails can set up a walkway using a tarp and shallow bins for the Colony to walk across.
  • Kick off your shoes and socks and take a walk across the walkway!
  • In pairs, take turns closing your eyes and leading each other through the walk.
  • Describe what you are feeling to your partner.


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?
  • What do you notice walking with bare feet?
  • How did you describe what you were feeling to your partner?


  • Small items that can be walked across without hurting anyone’s feet, like sponges, small pebbles, straws or balloons. Having five or so different items will likely be enough.

Keep it Simple

  • Some people might find it overwhelming to walk on things while barefoot with their eyes closed. If someone is more comfortable keeping their eyes open while stepping, that is ok!
  • Some people might also find it hard to step on objects – you can also try walking barefoot on different types of ground, like sand, grass or pavement. Before walking anywhere, make sure to check for dangers like glass or sharp rocks!

Take it Further

  • Try to guess what you’re walking on! Is it a balloon? Rice?