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Camp Plant Hunt

Do you know what plants can be found at your local camp? Go on a camping trip and investigate what plants are around you — and look out for pests while you’re at it.

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  • Where will you learn more about invasive species where you’re camping?
  • How will you look for evidence of invasive pests?
  • How will you report any pests you find?


  • Use CFIA’s Plant Pest Cards to learn about different pests that might be common in your area.
  • While at camp, look around at the different plants. Could any of them be hosts for pests?
  • Look for evidence of pest activity — write down or take photos of anything that you see.
  • Report anything you see to the camp ranger or warden — ask them to report it to CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency).


Keep it Simple

  • Teach other campers about invasive pests! Create posters that show people what the pests (and their host plants) look like, what they should look for in terms of damage and what they should do if they see something. Hang these posters up at camp for everyone to see. 

Take it Further

  • Think big! Rather than scouting for plants, look at the health of trees. Use the Community Tree Check form from the Invasive Species Centre and keep track of the trees at camp. Report on any signs of disease, pests or damage.