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Celebrating Differences through Puppetry with The Concerned Kids

Celebrate Differences with The Concerned Kids and dive into the world of creative expression through puppetry! Design, develop, and create a puppet that is unique in its own way. Present your puppet to your peers to teach everyone about how they could be better allies and friends to others who are like your puppet.

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  • What does it mean to celebrate differences? 
  • What kind of differences can people have? 
  • What do you do differently than others? 
  • Where can you research more information about the type of differences your puppet will have? 
  • How will your puppet advocate for their needs to people or puppets that it meets? 


  • First, the youth should be introduced to The Concerned Kids (TCK) puppets by following the link to the website 
  • Youth will review some of the puppet friends at TCK and develop an understanding of the character biographies.
  • Youth will then draw out what their puppet would look like. Is it a rod puppet or a paper bag puppet? Is their puppet a sock puppet, or does it resemble a ‘muppet’? Does the puppet use an assistive device like a wheelchair or a guide cane? 
  • For inspiration, youth can ask a Scouter, parent or caregiver to help them access YouTube and watch some of the TCK puppets introduce themselves: 

Meet Anna 

Meet Eddie and David

  • Once each youth has drawn out their puppet, they can create it using recyclable materials from home, or simple materials such as felt, paper, markers, glue, buttons, feathers, or socks. Examples of specific types of puppets and required materials can be found in the materials list below. 
  • Youth then can create a skit, video, poem, or comic book strip that features their puppet. 
  • For older groups, we encourage Scouters to lead a group conversation about how to support the needs of others, and how we can display empathy, respect, and allyship to all individuals. 
  • For an enhanced experience, Scouters can book 

    The Concerned Kids to lead a 1-hour workshop (virtually or onsite) that includes puppet making and live puppetry to facilitate an important conversation about celebrating differences. 

    Youth can submit their design to to be featured on the TCK social media and webpages and to receive their virtual TCK badge of completion. 



  • What does it mean to celebrate differences? How is that different from accepting differences? 
  • How can we create environments where everyone feels valued and respected? 
  • How can we ensure that everyone can participate in our activity or event? What kinds of questions can we ask our friends to make sure that their needs are met? 
  • What does it mean to be an ally to our community members? 
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map to the Review section.

How can we make a more inclusive world for everyone? 


Sock Puppet Project 

Materials: socks with pre-attached Velcro pieces, various felt pieces, yarn, miscellaneous items, scissors, and tacky glue

Shadow Puppet Project 

Materials: Construction paper, sketchbook, markers, 

scissors, tape, dowels or sticks. 

Rod Puppet Project 

Materials: Sketchbook, construction paper, markers, tape, hole punch, “Brass Split Pins”, dowels or sticks and scissors. 

Keep it Simple

To simplify this activity, utilize materials that do not require as much supervision. Use popsicle sticks, tacky glue, paper, and stickers to create your puppet. 

Instead of having each child research their own puppet, have the group develop a group mascot puppet, and research together what their abilities, background, and needs may be. 

Take it Further

To take it further, encourage the children to look into their own communities about initiatives dedicated to accessibility and equity. What projects are happening in their local community to ensure that all community members feel safe, respected, and appreciated? Encourage them to reach out or review the website and report back to the group to share resources for those who may need them.