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Edible Uranium

Uranium is not normally edible – so let’s make our own edible version! Before you eat it, cut it in half to mimic the nuclear fission process, and the release of all that powerful flavour.

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  • What do you already know about nuclear power?
  • What do you already know about molecules?
  • Watch the video (see resources) to learn more about this experiment.


  • Start your 2D uranium atom by grouping together a number of candies to create a nucleus. This will become the middle of your uranium model.
  • Create electron orbits by creating circles out of shoelace licorice. Create six circles of increasing size and place them around your nucleus.
  • Add electrons to your uranium model by adding pieces of candy onto the electron orbits. If you're looking to be exact, uranium has 92 electrons in orbit, so 92 small candies like sprinkles or Nerds can be added.
  • Once your uranium model is complete, split it open like nuclear fission, in order to release all of the powerful flavour.


  • Your uranium model only released flavour. How does real uranium release energy?
  • How is nuclear energy turned into electricity that humans can use?
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  • Shoelace Licorice (or Pull’n’Peel)
  • Various small candies (sprinkles, Nerds, Smarties, M&Ms, Mike and Ikes, mini marshmallows, etc.)

Keep it Simple

  • Don’t worry about the specifics of the Uranium molecule.  Instead, just create any electron with a nucleus and electron rings.

Take it Further

  • Create a more accurate uranium atom model with exact protons, neutrons and the exact locations of the electrons.