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Everyone Needs a Slice

There are many people involved in the global food supply chain, but not everyone benefits equally! Role play the different parts of the banana supply chain to learn whether all workers are treated fairly.

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  • How will you create the groups?
  • How will you work together to make a decision as a team?
  • Who will share your decision with the section?


  • When you buy a banana at the grocery store, you are the last stop in the global food supply chain, but there are lots of other people involved.
  • In Canada, bananas cost about $1.50 /kg, but this money must be split up among lots of different people. Farmers, farm owners, importers, ripeners and supermarket owners all need to be paid for their work.
  • Split into 5 groups and assign each group a card that contains information about one of the groups involved in the banana supply chain. After reading your cards, decide what amount of the $1.50/kg you think your group should receive.
  • Share your decisions with your section. How does this compare to the real breakdown?


  • When all of the groups add the amount they think they should get for their work together, does the total equal $1.50?
  • How did the amount that your group thought they deserved compare to the amount that someone in your role would actually receive?
  • Do you think this is a fair distribution of the profits?
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map


  • Everyone needs a slice resource - one copy of each card should be printed out.

Keep it Simple

  • Instead of splitting into groups, complete this activity as Section!

Take it Further

  • Do you think that everyone in the banana supply chain is treated equally and fairly? Do research online to see how Fairtrade can help to make sure everyone involved in the food supply chain has good working conditions and fair wages. Find out what the Fairtrade certification looks like so you can recognize it next time you are at the grocery store!