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Giants, Wizards, Elves

Play this classic rock, paper, scissors game with a twist! Will the giants reign supreme or will the elves and wizards make a comeback? Find out in this active group game.

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  • How many people do you need for this game?
  • What kind of location would be good for this activity?
  • What materials are required to play this game?


  • Split the group up into 2 equal teams.
  • Set boundaries and make a middle line (think of a gymnasium layout).
  • Each team will be on one side and they will collectively decide on if they want to be a giant, wizard, or an elf.
  • Giants beat elves, elves beat wizards, and wizards beat giants.
  • There are actions for each character: Giants put their hands up over their head making themselves tall as can be, wizards put their hands straight out in front of them wiggling their fingers like they are casting a spell, and elves squat down to the ground making themselves small.
  • Once the teams have decided what character they will be, they meet at the center line and on the count of 3 each team does their action.
  • If your team is beaten, you need to run back to your side of the playing boundary while trying not to get tagged.
  • If you get tagged, you join the other team.
  • The game continues until all players are on one team, or time runs out.


  • What were some strategies that worked for your team?
  • How did you make sure everyone felt included in the decision-making process?
  • What would you change about the game next time you play?

Keep it Simple

  • If there are too many elements to this game, you can remove one. Try just playing the game and having the teams agree on a character and doing their actions. Once people get the hang of that, you can add the running element.

Take it Further

  • Instead of using the classic Giants, Wizards and Elves, as a Section, use your imagination to make three new characters to play with! You’ll have to think of what “actions” your new characters will do, what they’ll be called, and who will beat who in the game!