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Gratitude Changes Everything!

Do you know that many people use a gratitude journal to help them look at life in a more positive way? When you are grateful for the things you have in your life, you become less stressed about the things that you don't. With your Scouters make a gratitude journal, you can decorate it any way you want. It is personal to you.

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  • Does one of the Scouters have a gratitude journal that they would share with the group?  
  • Research what gratitude is and think about somethings that you are grateful for.  
  • What supplies do you need?  
  • Do you need adult help? 


  • Design your journal and add all the things you are grateful for.  
  • Try doing this every day for a week, then try a month  
  • See how you feel after doing it. Does it make you feel happy, grateful, sad, or even uncomfortable?  
  • Think about why this is.  


  • What did you enjoy about the journaling?  
  • What didn't you like? 
  • What could have been better?  
  • What do we know now that we didn’t know before?  
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map


Notebooks, or paper to write on. Pens, Pencils.  

Keep it Simple

Use age-appropriate journals, it doesn’t have to be words, it could be drawings etc. Use prompts such as “who in your family are you grateful for? “ 

Take it Further

Try to keep a journal for 6 months or a year and see how you have changed with that time.