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Groovin’ GPS

Show off your best moves as you groove your way through this adventure – can you use your moves to trace a path?

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  • What music will you use to dance to?
  • How will you divide into teams?
  • How will you create your path? What will you use to create obstacles?
  • What dance moves will you use for each direction?


  • Using Scouters, chairs or other objects, create obstacles for your challenge.
  • Using a compass, determine which way is north, and then figure out which direction is east, south and west.
  • In small teams, plot a route through your obstacles from one point to another (e.g. start on one side of a field and end on the other side).
  • For each direction (north, south, east and west) choose a dance move – that move will represent that direction.
  • Maybe you’ll be doing the bunny hop when you move north, the sprinkler as you move south, the lawn mower as you move east and raising the roof as you move south.
  • Using the route you planned, move through the course using your sweet moves. As you move in each direction, do the move you’ve chosen. Sprinkler your way south – oh no, you’ve encountered a tree! Lawn mower towards the east so you can move around it, then sprinkler south some more.
  • Keep moving until you make it to your end point.  


  • What was something challenging in this activity?
  • What was the most fun part of this activity?
  • How did you work as a team to complete this activity?

Keep it Simple

  • Choose simple moves that everyone can do, rather than getting too complex.

Take it Further

  • Think beyond the four main directions! Consider adding the option to move diagonally and add moves for northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest.