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Journey to School

Sadly, not everyone has access to school and education. This activity will demonstrate the challenges some people face just to attend school and receive an education.

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  • What materials will you need for this adventure?
  • Why is it important to discuss access to school?  
  • How will you make your groups for this activity?  


Everyone will map their journey to school, physically plotting the route to see the visual distance. Afterwards, examine a young girl that lives in Tanzania named Sylvia and her journey to school to compare your experiences to hers and see how experiences are different around the world. 

  • To begin, break into small groups and have each person find their own home, and their school, on the map. Plot a route to walk to school, measure the distances and estimate how long it would take you to walk. 
  • You could even make a map for your community while plotting. Include schools, houses, landmarks, etc. almost like a tour guide, or make it a 'coordinate' scavenger hunt with elements of the community/journey to school 

 As a group, read from the print outs, ‘Sylvia’s story.’ Describe what you read – you should think about the following: 

  • The ages of the young people. 
  • The distance and time they must travel to get to school. 
  • The dangers they face on the way. 


  • Now that you’ve seen it on a map and compared it to our journeys, how do you feel about your own journey to school?  
  • Would you still want to go to school if your journey was long and dangerous too?  
  • Why do you think the children in the story make so much effort to go to school every day? 
  • How does Sylvia’s journey compare to yours?  
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map


  • Print out of Sylvia’s story 
  • Local maps (or computer) 
  • Writing utensils 
  • Paper/poster board 
  • Internet connection  

Keep it Simple

  • Work as a group to plot a few participants’ distance from home to school. If technology is available, show the trailer for the film, ‘On the Way to School’.

Take it Further

  • Take is further by making a real change. Work together to create awareness of this issue by creating posters to bring to your schools.  
  • You can also check out as a possible fundraising initiative. This organization helps get children all over the world in school.