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Matter Properties Matter

What is Matter? Liquid, Solid, Gas everything is made up of Matter!

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  • What equipment do you need to gather to do your experiment?
  • Do you need help from anyone?
  • Is there anything dangerous you may need to consider?


  • Examine each of the materials you have been given 
  • Are they a solid, liquid or a gas? 
  • Make Oobleck 
  • How is Oobleck different?  
  • What is a Newtonian fluid?  


  • Was it hard to determine what state each of the material were?  
  • What was strange about the Oobleck?  
  • Are there things that you can do to the material that will change their state? 
  • Remember to add your activity to the Take Action Map. 


  • Cornstarch  
  • Food colouring  
  • honey (corn syrup or shampoo)  
  • oil 
  • glycerin
  • vinegar 
  • water 
  • brick or stone 
  • pop rocks 
  • gelatin dessert 
  • wax warmer (air freshener) 
  • kettle with boiling water 
  • hand lotion 
  • thermometer 
  • chocolate bar 

It does matter Lesson plan 1 

  • plastic bottle with pop 
  • empty balloon 
  • inflated balloon 
  • pencil 
  • ice or snow 
  • eggs (boiled and raw) 
  • toothpaste

Keep it Simple

Make stress balls  

Take it Further

What are some other Newtonian fluids