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Pool Noodle Game

How well do you know the names of everyone in your Section? Put your name knowledge to the test with this fast-paced game!

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  • When and where will you play this game?
  • How can players remember everyone’s names? What does it take to be a good listener when names are shared at the start of the game?
  • What materials do you need to play this game? How can you play this game if you don’t have a pool noodle?


  • Have everyone stand in a big circle.
  • One person will stand in the middle of the circle. They should be at least two big steps away from everyone else forming the circle.
  • The person in the middle should have a pool noodle. Go around the circle and share your names (if you don’t know each other already).
  • The game begins with the person in the middle saying his or her name, and then the name of another Scout (e.g “Alex calling Shannon!”).
  • The person in the middle then races to the person whose name he or she called and tries to tag that person with the pool noodle.
  • Meanwhile, the person whose name was called tries to call his or her own name, followed quickly by the name of another Scout in the circle (e.g. “Shannon calling Thomas”).
  • If they can do this before getting tagged, then the person in the middle has to race to tag the person whose name was called.
  • If a person is tagged before saying his or her own name and the name of another person, then he or she is “it”, and takes over the pool noodle in the middle of the circle.


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?
  • What was your favourite part of this game?
  • What would you change if you were to play this game again?
  • When else might you play this game?

Keep it Simple

  • To keep this game a bit simpler, have the person in the middle walk, rather than run to give people a chance to think!

Take it Further

  • To make this game harder, you can add extra rules, like you cannot call a person on either side of you, or you cannot call back the person who just called you.