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Snow Sculptors

We’ve all tried or mastered making a snow person… but what about a fun snow sculpture? A snow turtle? Penguin? Superhero? Use your imagination to sculpt your own artistic creation in the snow!

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  • What snow sculpture would like you make? 
  • What materials do you need for this activity? 
  • What clothing do you need to stay warm for this winter adventure?  


  • What snow sculpture will you make? Layer up, grab your materials and get sculpting!  
  • There are various tools, like shovels, buckets, and moulds, which might be helpful to make you sculpture come to life.  
  • Who can make their snow sculpture the fastest? Who has the sturdiest, silliest, or most realistic snow sculpture? 
  • Add some extra fun by using food colouring and water in a spray bottle to add some colour to your snow sculpture! 


  • What was the hardest part of making your snow sculpture?  
  • Which part was the most fun?  
  • What might you do differently next time?  

Keep it Simple

  • To make things easier, try team challenge. As a Section, pick one snow sculpture to tackle together. Work as a team by splitting jobs or roles in order to make the perfect sculpture.  

Take it Further

  • Make it an ice sculpture! These require a bit more time to make ice blocks, and a few more tools – but can turn into very inventive creations. Want some inspiration? Many local towns or cities will have displays of impressive ice sculptures done by professionals. See if an ice sculptor can pass on any tips.