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Steal the Bacon

Who will bring the bacon home? Challenge your friends to see who is the quickest in this running group game

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  • Where will you play this game?
  • What are the rules of this game?
  • What materials are required?


  • Split the group evenly into two groups and sit them with their backs turned towards the center line, approximately 20 feet apart.
  • Assign numbers to each player on both sides from one to the final person. At the end, each person will have a number - 1, 2, etc.
  • In the center, place a ball. The person leading the game will call out a number. The two people (one from each team) with that number will run to the center.
  • The goal is to be the first to reach the ball and bring it back to your side without being tagged by the other person. If you make it back safely, your team scores a point. If you are tagged, the ball goes back in the middle, and a new number is called.


  • What strategies helped your team to be successful?
  • What were some different strategies the other team used?
  • How could you adapt this game with an uneven number of players?


  • “Bacon” (ball, beanbag, frisbee, etc.)

Keep it Simple

  • Instead of racing for an item, try a game of Fruit Salad to get used to racing for a new spot in the circle. Which fruit would you like to be?

Take it Further

  • Take this further by doing a larger team challenge, such as Capture the Flag! Can you dodge a whole team of people to get your item to your side?