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The Energy Police

Go throughout your home to make sure that your family is conserving electricity wherever possible. Turn off any devices that are using electricity unnecessarily. How many of these devices are ‘needed’ compared to those that are 'luxuries’?

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  • What are some devices that can be turned off when they're not in use, or may be accidentally left on?
  • What are some 'hidden' electrical devices within your home that you don't often think about, like a basement mini-fridge or a nightlight?
  • What necessary electrical devices can you think of in your home?


  • Walk through each room of your house and look for electrical devices that may be using unnecessary electricity. Are there any lights on in an empty room? Is there music on with no one listening? Make a note of these items and talk to your family about reducing electricity usage.
  • Complete this same process at three different times throughout the day to get a better understanding of how electricity is used in your home.


  • How often were lights left on when not needed?
  • Was there a particular person who appeared to be using more electricity than others? Was this usage needed? Sometimes, the usage may be good, like someone using electricity to do laundry or cook a meal.
  • How would your experience and list change during a different season, like winter or summer?
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map

Keep it Simple

  • As a Section, walk around your meeting area to complete the same electricity audit.  Were the lights left on in other parts of the building?

Take it Further

  • Complete this same process in different seasons.  How does your family’s energy use change in the winter or summer?