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Tick Talk

Identify the different types of ticks and where you can find them.

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  • What do you need for your game?
  • Do you need to do some research before playing the game?
  • Do you know how to protect yourself against ticks?


  • Create a set of cards – you should have two cards for each type of tick. One card should have a photo of the tick, and the other should have its name, habitat and any diseases they may carry.
  • Cut up the cards
  • Place them face up and match which tick with their name and facts.
  • Using the information you learned, see which ticks may be in your area – which ones do you need to watch out for?


  • What have you learned about ticks?
  • Can you identify the different type of ticks found in your area?
  • How can you protect yourself against tick bites?
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map to the Review section.

Keep it Simple

  • Print out photos of the ticks before the activities so that the youth are familiar with the type of ticks.

Take it Further

  • Place the cards face down and play a game of memory match – flip cards over two at a time and try to match the photo of the tick to its facts.
  • Use a map to plot out the locations of the different species – which can be found in your area?