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Water Diary

Keep a diary of all the ways water is used daily in your home. Look for ways to reduce water usage. For instance, do your family members leave the water running while brushing their teeth? Or does someone take really long showers? See where you measure up and share water-saving tips with your family!

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  • What materials will you need for this activity?
  • How long will you record your observations?
  • Whose water consumption will you record?
  • How will you record this information?


  • Create a dairy or journal to track how much water you use in your home.
  • Record the number of times you consume water (hand wash, flush toilet, etc.)
  • Consider the water used by the other people in your home, is it important to add this to your diary too?


  • Did you use more or less water than you expected?
  • How can you reduce the amount of water you use?
  • Why is conserving water so important?
  • What task do you believe used the most water every day? Why?
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map


  • Pen & Paper or notebook

Keep it Simple

  • Using the water consumption chart (Handout 1, pg.14), record the number of times you do each task (hand washing, flushing the toilet, etc.) and calculate the average litres of water you use in a day/week/month

Take it Further

  • Rather than just recording your water consumption, consider all the different things you use in a day including plastics and electricity. Create another entry in your diary for how many times you use plastic (take away, drinking from a water bottle, etc.) along with every time you use electricity (lights on, accessing the fridge, on your phone, etc.) What can you do to be more conscience of how these things are consumed? What can you do to reduce your usage?