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What’s it Worth?

Understanding the value of money can be tricky. It can also be hard to understand how to use your money wisely. In this activity, everyone will get the chance to ‘purchase’ things they are interested in at our ‘shop’!

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  • Do we have enough money for everyone? 
  • Should we discuss items people would be interested in purchasing before this activity? 
  • Why is money important?  


  • Set up a small ‘shop’ with various items all ranging in price. For example, candy costs $2.00, clothes cost $20.00, etc.  
  • Let everyone explore the items and decide what they would like to purchase.  
  • After there has been discussion on what each person would like to buy, each person will get a random amount of money.  
  • Take turns purchasing an item at the store. Does everyone have enough money to be able to buy what they like? 


  • What happens when you do not have enough money to buy something? What did that feel like? 
  • Did anyone have too much money?  
  • What would life be like without money? 
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map


Paper money 

Objects to ‘buy & sell’ – these could also be paper cut outs. 

Keep it Simple

Turn this activity into a trading game. At the beginning, give everyone an item of a various size (this may be easiest with paper cutouts). To trade in, it must be of a similar size to trade. This would create conversation after on how it feels when you cannot trade for something bigger or smaller.   

Virtual -This can be converted to a virtual activity by providing everyone with a dollar amount that they will be able to spend. During the meeting, show off the items while sharing your screen and take turns with each person as they decide what they would like to buy. After, debrief with the same questions.  

Take it Further

Allow everyone to start to try to create deals with the shops or each other. Maybe someone would like to loan to a friend, maybe someone wants to share some of their money? See if you can strike up a deal at the shop. 

Take this even further by making your own version of Monopoly or The Game of Life and put your 'value of money' skills to the test.