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Where Do We Stand

Each corner of the room will be labeled with ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ and ‘I’m not sure.’ Ask thought-provoking questions and statements about how and why people need help are read out. As a group, discuss your different thoughts and opinions on the topic.

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  • Do I have the space and materials to do this activity? 
  • Is this group prepared to discuss challenging topics? 
  • How can we ensure respect throughout the activity? Ground rules?  


  • These questions should be challenging and thought provoking – Prepare several questions/statements that have no single answer, such as:  
    • People should be able to live in whatever country they want  
    • Everyone in the world has the same rights  
    • It is worse having to leave your home because of war, than for any other reason  
    • If I were living in danger, Id want others to help me and my family  
    • Each country should look after its own people  
    • If you go to live in another country, you should learn the language  
    • Most people prefer to stay in their own countries than go somewhere else to live  
    • Rich countries should offer refuge to more people than poor countries 


  • Have everyone stand in the middle of the room. Mark the left-hand side of the room as ‘YES’, the right-hand side as ‘NO’, and the middle as ‘I’M NOT SURE’. Remember that everyone is entitled to their own views! Have one person read out a statement and ask everyone to move to the place in the room that represents their answer or initial reaction to the statement. 
  • Remember, it is ok to change your opinion on things as you think about a topic or learn more about it. Allow people to move around as the discussions take place in the event that they change their mind.  


  • How did this activity make you feel?  
  • Was it scary to express an opinion on difficult topics? 
  • Did any discussions change your mind?  
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map


  • Paper with ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ and ‘I’m not sure,‘  
  • Something to attach the papers to the wall – tape, sticky tack, etc.  

Keep it Simple

  • Keep these questions simpler. Ask questions like, is it wrong to steal? Would you want to move to a new country tomorrow? While still thought provoking, these might be simpler concepts for people to wrap their minds around.   

Take it Further

  • Take this further by continuing the conversation beyond the meeting. Ask youth to do research on a particular topic from the discussion and bring facts to the next meeting with their discoveries.
  • Learn about different challenges the world is facing as you make your own Human Social Issue Library