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YLT-ABC of Leadership

What qualities does a great leader have? See if you can come up with one quality for each letter of the alphabet.

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  • How will you do this activity? In small teams or as a big group? Will everyone do the whole alphabet, or will you divide and conquer? 
  • How will you record your ideas? 
  • How will you make sure that everyone has a chance to share their ideas? 
  • Will you play a game with these words after you’ve come up with them? 


  • In small teams, or as a big group, brainstorm different adjectives (or other words) that describe a good leader – try to come up with one for each letter of the alphabet. 
  • Once you have your list, use these words for a game – you can put them into a hat for a game of charades, challenge teams to come up with a skit that includes as many as possible or a bingo game! 


  • Was it challenging to come up with different words?  
  • Of the qualities that you came up with, which ones do you have? Are there any you would like to work on? 
  • Are there any qualities of a good leader that did not come up?

Keep it Simple

  • To start out, try eliminating some of the harder letters of the alphabet, like X, Q and Z. 
  • Have the group work in small teams and give each team a few letters to work on. Then, regroup and share all of your ideas. 

Take it Further

Rather than just coming up with an adjective, try to come up with a leader in your life that you know who starts with each letter. Talk about what makes that person a good leader.