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YLT-Pass the Hoop

As a group, stand in a circle holding hands. Start this challenge with a single hula hoop between two members of the group; their hands should be held through the middle of the hoop so that it rests on their arms. Pass the hula hoop around the circle, working together to communicate a strategy and cheer one another on! See how quickly you can get the hula hoop all around the circle.

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  • Who in your team has done this challenge before? What insights do they have to share?  
  • What strategy will you try?  
  • What roles might you have on your team (if any)? 


  • Pass the hoop!  
  • Try this challenge more than once to see how your team improves. 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • What was your favourite part of this adventure?  
  • What strategy was most effective?  
  • If you were to try this challenge again, what would you do differently?  
  • How did your team support one another on this challenge? 

Keep it Simple

There’s no rush! Take your time when you move the hoop around the circle. It’s more important that people are safe and feel that they have time to think, rather than having people feel too rushed or unsafe. 

Take it Further

There are lots of ways to add more challenge to this activity, like doing it with your eyes closed, timing yourselves to see how quickly you can go, or having multiple hula hoops moving in opposite directions!