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YLT-Thor's Hammer

How do you review the adventures that you do as a Section? For your next review, try using Thor’s Hammer to make sure that everyone gets a chance to talk about what they liked and what they would like to do differently on the next adventure!

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  • Which adventure will you review using Thor’s hammer?  
  • What will you use as Thor’s hammer? 


  • Sit in a circle and pass Thor’s hammer from person to person. Only the person holding Thor’s hammer can talk.  
  • Take a moment to share what was fun in an adventure. How can you make things even better next time?  
  • Then pass Thor’s hammer to the next person and listen politely. 
  • Everyone should contribute to the review. It is okay to repeat what another person said when you have Thor’s hammer. 


We don’t usually review a review. When your Section tries a different way of doing things, it can be a good idea to see if you want to do it again another time. 

Keep it Simple

Sharing their thoughts in a big circle might be scary for some people. You can always do this activity in small groups if that is better for people. 

Take it Further

Try a different review activity, like Roses and Thorns or Gallery Walk!