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YLT-Write A Story

As a group, write a story. The goal is to make the story as coherent as possible, by making your team as coherent as possible.

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  • Which parts of the story will you come up with as a group? What boundaries and context will you give everyone on the pieces they have to come up with?  
  • Make sure the story has at least: one moral or theme, one character per group member and a setting 


  • Everyone needs to come up with part of the story that can be presented however you choose—written, or acted out as a skit 
  • The goal is to make the story as coherent as possible, by making your team as coherent as possible 
  • Get creative with it, and have fun! Bonus points for a good moral! 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • What was your favourite part of the activity (brainstorming, working out the basics of the story as a group, coming up with you piece or presenting)?  
  • What was the moral of your story, and how could it apply to you or your Company?  
  • How could you contribute more to the group? What about the group environment would help you do that? 

Keep it Simple

Plan ahead – decide as a team who will write what part of the story and create a brief outline for your story. Then, have everyone write their own part. When you come together, start trying to make the story make sense based on what everyone has written! 

Take it Further

For an added challenge, your facilitator can give you a theme that your story must have (e.g. superheroes) or some different things that must be worked into your storyline (a heartwarming story of friendship, a surf shop, frogs).