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Communication Standards


The purpose of the Communications Standard is to outline the minimum requirements for communicating information with external stakeholders, and internally between and within functions and Councils across Scouts Canada, in order to ensure the consistent transfer and understanding of information which may impact Scouts Canada mission, vision, strategic plan and/or the delivery of the five priorities.


Our Standards

1.  This Standard applies to all functions, and Councils of Scouts Canada who are involved with communications to broad internal and external audiences:

  1. via the use of video, printed materials and / or email distribution.
  2. regarding Scout Canada / functional goals, targets and business plans.

2.  This Standard is not applicable for internal Group and Section communications.

3.  The objective of this Standard is to ensure that:

  1. A formal process is in place for identifying, generating, approving, and issuing information to appropriate stakeholders (internal and external).
  2. For external communications, the process includes formal ownership for receiving, assessing, and responding to inbound communications, queries, and requests and that stakeholders, including local communities, government, regulatory, vendors and donors, are identified and relationships are proactively managed.
  3. Communication to staff and volunteers is accurate, timely and relevant, is delivered as intended, reflects the Scouts Canada brand and is coordinated to mitigate the risk of mixed messages.

4.  When generating Internal Communications, the Communications function is contacted in the following cases:

  1. Email Distribution: The employee, volunteer or contractor (other than an NK3 member, Executive Director or delegate) intends to send an email communication to any distribution for all of Scouts Canada or function e.g. Scouting Experience, Business Services, etc.
  2. Printed Material: The employee, volunteer or contractor intends to use printed materials for a broad audience beyond their immediate team e.g. all of Scouts Canada, council-wide, or function.
  3. Video Production: The employee, volunteer or contractor intends to use video communication for a broad audience beyond their immediate team e.g. all of Scouts Canada, council-wide, or function.

5.  When generating External Communications, Scouts Canada employees and volunteers who promote content about Scouts Canada to external stakeholders must adhere to the Brand Centre guidelines, and conform to all the requirements in the Code of Conduct.

6.  When communicating about an incident, emergency, or a significant business disruption

  1. Scouts Canada employees, volunteers or contractors, shall follow the established communications procedures in the event that the Emergency Response Plan is invoked.
  2. If Scouts Canada employees, volunteers or contractors are approached by any media representatives regarding an incident they must direct them to Scouts Canada’s Media Relations representative or Communications function.
  3. Incidents with potential regulator or other legal liabilities must be reported to the Executive Director Business Services.

7.  Scouts Canada staff, functional & Council leadership who communicate strategy and culture shall utilize approved content and/or contact the Director of Communications.

8.  Scouts Canada employees, volunteers or contractors who engage in dialogue about Scouts Canada on social media — including their personal account, group discussion pages or Scouts Canada’s national pages — shall conform to all the requirements in the Code of Conduct.

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