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Firearms and Weapons Standards


With the exclusion of use in shooting sports, the possession and use of firearms are prohibited at Scouts Canada activities and on Scouts Canada property. Anyone wishing to possess or use firearms needs to request an exception to this Standard and request permission from the Executive Commissioner and CEO.


Our Standards

  • These are the standards for the possession of firearms for safety reasons. A separate standard explains the use of firearms and weapons for shooting sports.
  • Scouts Canada property standards explain the requirements for employees who possess firearms and reside on properties.
  • We conduct risk and hazard assessments for all activities. We must consider the possibility of wildlife encounters.
  • Firearms will only be considered during Scouts Canada activities or on Scouts Canada property where the risk of wild animal encounters that may jeopardize participant safety is high or extreme.
  • The Group Commissioner must ensure that appropriate risk management and controls have been implemented prior to any request for a firearms exception.
  • The Group Commissioner must ensure proper storage of the firearm and proof that the carrier, and authorised personnel, have a valid PAL license and firearms certificate as part of the risk management plan.
  • The Council Relationship Manager must approve the request prior to requesting for an exception for possession or use of firearms from the CEO.
  • To demonstrate that parents are informed and approve of the risk, each participant is required to present a completed Parent/Guardian Consent Form for Category Three Activities granting permission for youth to be in the presence of potential live firearms use during a Scouting activity.
  • Once approved, all participants are to be informed of the presence of a firearm, it’s purpose, storage requirements, and those who are authorized access to it.

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