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International Travel Standards


An International Activity Application is required for all travel outside Canada, that is more than 500 km from the group’s usual meeting place or more than three days in duration.


Our Standards

International Travel Application

1. A separate International Activity Application is required for each trip outside Canada.

2. Group Commissioners may approve international travel of up to three nights and up to 500 kilometres from home.

3. Before approving international travel, the Group Commissioner will ensure:

  1. Contracts and agreements are signed according to Scouts Canada procedures
  2. All waivers, hold harmless, and indemnification agreements are dealt with according to the Third Party Waivers, Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreements Procedure
  3. A risk management plan is submitted along with an emergency plan
  4. All Scouters, parents/guardians, and other adult resource people are screened according to Scouts Canada procedures

4. In addition, the Group Commissioner will ensure each participant has:

  1. A valid passport or equivalent document[1]. The Government of Canada advises that passports need to be valid for up to six months after the scheduled date of return to Canada
  2. Travel medical insurance
  3. Trip cancellation and interruption insurance if the adventure involves commercial or charter travel by air, sea, or ground
  4. Parent/Guardian Consent Form, signed by both parents, for each person under 18 years of age. The Scouter in charge will take these forms on the adventure
  5. Completed a Physical Fitness Form

5. In consultation with their Group Commissioner, the Scouter-In-Charge shall submit the International Activity Application, for trips more than three nights or 500 km from home, for approval.

6. All International Activity Applications must be submitted as soon as possible and no later than four weeks prior to departure.

International Letters of Introduction

7. An International Letter of Introduction may be obtained for individuals travelling outside of Canada. Such letters are issued by the International Commissioner or designate on a standard form from the World Organization of the Scout Movement. The only purpose of the International Letter of Introduction is to identify the carrier as a registered member of Scouts Canada. The letter conveys no special privileges. Send your request to

[1] Current USA requirements

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Effective Date

March 17, 2022


V2: This change is required to streamline the International Travel Process. This Standard change will move the oversight and management to focus on higher risk and longer duration trips of an international nature.


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