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Key 3 Shared Leadership Policy

Approved by Board of Governors: November 16, 2019


Explains the shared leadership approach used by Scouts Canada at the Council and National levels. 


We use a shared-leadership approach called the Key 3 model.

The Key 3 model helps us to:

  • Strengthen decision-making
  • Ensure that all stakeholder perspectives are regularly taken into consideration
  • Establish a prominent role for youth in management and decision-making throughout the organization

Our Policy

  1. We at Scouts Canada use the Key 3 model at the Council and National volunteer levels.
  2. The model is structured as an equal three-way partnership among three Scouts Canada members: a professional Scouter (staff), a Youth Commissioner (youth), and a volunteer Commissioner.
  3. Youth members can assume any of the leadership opportunities in a given Key 3.
  4. We encourage qualified youth members to aspire to, apply for, and be appointed to any role in the organization, from Section Scouter to National Commissioner.
  5. Members of a Key 3 share their responsibilities and partner appropriately with each other to coordinate their strategy, actions, and communications with volunteers, employees, youth members, parents, community partners, donors, governments, media, governance bodies, and other stakeholders.
  6. Each Key 3 is tasked with managing their team in accordance with the policies and strategic directions set out by the Board of Governors. They are accountable to the Key 3 more senior to them; the National Key 3 is directly accountable to the Board of Governors. To do so, each Key 3:
    1. Adopts regular operating goals and business plans consistent with Scouts Canada’s approved strategic directions.
    2. Ensures standards and practices are in place to support fun, safe, quality programs that engage all members — youth and adult, volunteer and employee.
    3. Appoints, evaluates, and supports the leadership of the Groups or Councils for which they are responsible.

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November 16, 2018

Effective Date 

March 2, 2019


  • V2: Nov 16, 2019 Edited to remove the term “area”
  • V1: May 5, 2018 Approval of original document

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