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Watercraft Standards


Whether paddling, sailing, or enjoying another kind of watercraft activity, being out on the water is fun for Scouting youth of all ages. Safety is always our first consideration.


Our Standards

  1. When Scout Councils/Groups provide watercraft programs/activities, it is their responsibility to ensure that the person(s) in charge is competent to operate a watercraft program activity on the waters to be used, and to ensure that the regulations that follow are observed.
  2. When Sections provide watercraft programs/activities, it is the responsibility of the Group Commissioner to ensure that the person(s) in charge is competent to operate a watercraft program activity on the waters to be used.
  3. The following standards must be met for all watercraft activities.
    1. Watercraft used for Scouting purposes must meet Transport Canada/Coast Guard regulations. In addition to the regulations of Transport Canada/Coast Guard, watercraft used for Scouting purposes must:
      1. Be equipped with painters or end loops
      2. Carry a spare plug, if equipped with drain holes
    2. Each small watercraft, if full of water, must be capable of remaining afloat supporting its occupants (this may necessitate the addition of buoyancy materials)
    3. When travel at night is necessary, watercraft not required by law to carry navigation lights must be equipped with a flashlight or lantern in order to make their presence known
    4. Members taking part in watercraft activities must have a knowledge of hypothermia, its symptoms, and treatment
    5. Scouts Canada Safety Equipment Standards apply to watercraft activities
    6. Scouts Canada Swimming Standards apply to all watercraft activities (including but not limited to: paddling, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, paddle-boarding, boating and sailing).

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