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Bring-a-Friends are a great opportunity to invite the community to experience the outdoor adventure and fun Scouting provides.

For youth, Bring-a-Friend adventures are a chance to show their friends, neighbours and family how awesome Scouting is, and to give their friends a chance to learn more about the incredible adventures and experience it offers.

For the Group, it provides an opportunity to fill their Sections and to connect with more parents and potential Scouters.


So how do we best shout the Scouting spirit to our guests?

At Scouts, our Mission to develop well-rounded youth better prepared for success in the world through a youth-led program.

The best Bring-a-Friend adventures demonstrate our Mission in action.

We all know our program helps youth develop well-rounded skills. It sets them up for future success by providing them with the skills and values to make a positive impact on society.

A Scout is...

… an Adventurer
Confident & Capable
… a Community Builder
… an Environmental Steward
… a Friend
… a Leader

Plan Your Event

Use this Plan Do Review checklist to help you plan your event and make it as successful as possible!

Bring-a-Friend - Plan Do Review Checklist


Bring-a-Friend adventures are a great opportunity to invite the community to a meeting so they can experience outdoor adventure and fun.

For youth, Bring-a-Friend adventures are a chance to show their friends, neighbours and family how awesome Scouting is, and to give their friends a chance to learn more about the incredible adventures and experiences it offers.

Two weeks before your adventure ask youth to invite at least two friends using the invites below.

You can also fill in the invite electronically and e-mail to parents for distribution to their neighbours & friends.

To order contact In your email, indicate the piece(s) that you would like by name, the quantity that you would like, and provide your email, a shipping address and phone number.


During your adventure be sure to have Scouters on hand to engage with parents, providing them with valuable information on how to join.

To help you, take a look at the recruitment brochures & two free session coupon that will keep youth coming back for more. The parent sign up sheet can help you collect information to follow up with visitors.


Don’t forget to follow up with parents after the adventure to see if they need assistance registering or more information on the program.

Please see the phone script and an e-mail to help with follow ups.

Adventure Ideas

Looking for Bring-a-Friend adventure ideas?

Your Bring-a-Friend should show your guests how we develop well-rounded youth with a youth-led program in the outdoors.

Below you will find examples of events that will show visitors what the great adventure of Scouting is all about.

Don’t forget to go through the Plan phase of the trail cards with your Section before the event.

Beaver Scouts

Beach Ball

As a Lodge, come up with an obstacle course that all the Beaver Scouts in the Colony can have a go at. The obstacle course should be done in pairs. Each pair needs to make it through the obstacle course while keeping a beach ball off the ground.

Alphabet Hike

Let’s visit Ringtail’s Hollow and go on a hike! Keep your eyes peeled. In your Lodge, make a list of the things you see, and try to get one thing for each letter of the alphabet.

Discover Fire

Do you know how to build a campfire? Setting things up for a campfire can be easy if you have everything you need close by.

Nature Detectives

What living things are around you at camp, on a hike or when you are out exploring? Find all the plants, birds and animals that are living and moving around you. Is there something you have never seen before?

Cub Scouts

String Burning Challenge

How fast can your Lair get a fire lit and roaring? Are you faster than the other Lairs in your Pack? Find out what Lair is really best at this classic Scouting skill. Race to light a campfire that can burn through a string strung over the fire.

Lost & Find Me

Take your next game of Hide-and-Go-Seek to the next level! As a Lair, decide on a time and place to have this Adventure. You’ll need a map, too. You might want to try this out in the neighbourhood around your meeting hall, or at your Scout Camp.

Krazy Kub Kars

Get ready for the Kub Kar rally of your dreams! Take your Kub Kar to the next level and make it the fastest one at the rally.

Blast Off with Model Rockets!

Build and launch model rockets! You can have fun designing your rocket’s appearance. Paint it whatever colour you like, and add some great decals. Of course, the most rewarding part will be seeing just how high your rocket flies!


Campfire Host

As Masters of Ceremonies, organize a fun and formal campfire for other Scouts to attend. Invite your guests to contribute skits, songs and cheers.


Have you ever looked up from a city street and found you couldn’t see the stars? Why not reconnect with the night sky? It’s been a source of cultural and scientific inspiration to people all over the world for all of human history!

Quinzhee Camping

A quinzhee is a basic snow shelter made by hollowing out a mound of snow. Building a quinzhee can be a lot of fun, but knowing how to make one is also an important winter survival skill.


This project will introduce youth to the operation and programming of electronic robots. Teams will be challenged to program a robot to achieve specific and progressively more difficult tasks of their own design.