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Program Resources

The Canadian Path program is the way Scouting is done in Canada. Developed by Scouts Canada to empower youth leadership, this well-rounded program offers youth aged 5 to 26 an opportunity to experience new things, have more adventures and develop into confident and capable individuals, better prepared for success in the world.

From Beaver Scouts to Rover Scouts, youth take the lead in deciding what program areas they will pursue, organizing ways to achieve these goals and collectively reflect on their experience after the goal is met. With support from adult Scouters, this “Plan-Do-Review” method is one of the many ways that The Canadian Path program can help youth develop into critical thinkers, extend their personal progression, and encourage active participation in an inclusive team dynamic.

Canadian Path FAQ

Canadian Path Navigator

Online Support Centre

If you have program inquiries, the Online Support Centre has quick answers to FAQs, policy clarification and tutorials.

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Program Quality Guide

The Program Quality Guide is broken down to bring youth aboard the evaluation process. Use the guide to create an awesome Scouting program! Have open discussions guided by the assessment questions to help your program move forward. Be honest, and challenge yourself as a Section to live up to your own expectations for a great, safe Scouting program.

Group Committee's Role in Program Quality

Program Quality Standards FAQ

Program Quality Guide

Wood Badge II

Wood Badge II has been revitalized to incorporate Canadian Path methodology, making it more relevant for today’s Scouters.

It has been developed to be a flexible course that allows for self-directed learning with the support of a mentor.

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Scouts Canada Beaver Scouts
Scouts Canada Beaver Scouts  icon

Beaver Scouts

Ages 5-7

Discover adventures like camping, hiking, playing games and enjoying campfires. Make great new friends along the way, along with lasting memories!

Scouts Canada Cub Scouts
Scouts Canada Cub Scouts icon

Cub Scouts

Ages 8-10

Embark on outdoor adventures like hikes, weekend camps and canoeing. As a Pack, Cubs are encouraged to try new and exciting activities including STEM projects and cultural experiences.

Scouts Canada Scouts
Scouts Canada Scouts icon


Ages 11-14

Blaze your own trail. Delve into more leadership opportunities and develop self-confidence by planning adventures with your Troop and giving back to the community in a meaningful way.

Scouts Canada Venturer Scouts
Scouts Canada Venturer Scouts  icon

Venturer Scouts

Ages 15-17

Push your potential. Develop life skills to climb the mountain of your goals and reach your personal summit, embarking on greater expeditions and acquiring real-world experience.

Scouts Canada Rover Scouts
Scouts Canada Rover Scouts  icon

Rover Scouts

Ages 18-26

The world awaits. Experience fun and challenging expeditions with peers and drive your personal ambitions with support from a mentor, better preparing you for success.

Scouts Canada Volunteers
Scouts Canada Volunteers icon


Ages 14+

Gain new skills, join a community and help youth experience countless firsts as they develop into confident and capable individuals.

Well-Rounded Development Resources

The Canadian Path is all about developing well-rounded individuals by encouraging youth to participate in a wide range of activities. The badges of the Canadian Path are used to celebrate the personal journey of youth in Scouting. Scouting is not about collecting badges—they mark the milestones of the journey and celebrate youth achievements.

Personal progression is recognized with awards and badges along the Canadian Path, designed to allow youth to explore and expand their skills and knowledge in areas that are of particular interest to them.

Pursuing Personal Achievement Badges and Top Section Awards is encouraged, but strictly optional as they are not a core part of the program and are not essential for a youth’s personal progression. It is recognized that activities outside of Scouting add to youth’s growth in the SPICES and to their personal progression.

Tooltip: One of the Four Elements of The Canadian Path program, SPICES is an acronym for the six attributes Scouting aims to foster: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Character, Emotional and Spiritual.

Personal Achievement badges are designed to allow Scouting youth to acquire skills and knowledge in areas that are of particular interest to them, and to have that development recognized as part of their growth through Scouting. They give your child the opportunity to try something new, and to set achievable goals. Personal Achievement badges are generally pursued individually, and outside of weekly meetings. They can be pursued by Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts.

When a youth moves up in Scouting to join an older Section, that’s something to celebrate! Advancement Ceremonies for Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts are a fun and meaningful way to recognize and congratulate youth as they grow from one Scouting age group into the next. Discover how to host your Section ceremony below.

Looking for STEM Resources?

The Scouts Canada STEM program is designed to promote interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) among Scouting youth and their families. Many STEM Resources are available in the STEM Program Area.

Explore STEM Program

Brand Centre

The Scouts Canada Brand Centre is your source for all your marketing resources.

Discover the tools required to create professional and inspiring materials— such as advertisements, flyers and posters—that have been carefully designed to motivate and engage potential, new and current Scouts Canada members.

Through dynamic and consistent messaging and images, these materials will help you produce bolder, inspiring communications, while showcasing the best of the Scouts Canada experience

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Additional Resources

As part of the transition to The Canadian Path, some Volunteer role names were changed to reflect the new program and its elements — most notably, the change from “Leader” to “Scouter”. has been updated to reflect this change as well as all Volunteer role names at the Section level and various other Volunteer role names.

The Religion in Life program is available upon request from the Scouts Canada Help Centre.

Visit the Online Support Centre

The Spirituality Award is inclusive of various philosophical positions, optional and interchangeable with the Religion-in-Life Program. It enriches and provides varied opportunities for the Scouting community, showing appreciation towards other visions and commonality at the same time.

Spirituality makes use of religious ideas, methods, rituals and practices, but it is not itself, a formal practice. Spirituality is a way of life, a form of consciousness, a transparent awareness that is receptive to the presence of the sacredness in all things.

Scouts Canada ScoutsTracker is an online portal designed to collect and maintain a Scouting Section’s attendance, badge and award progress, and events as well as provide a searchable version of the Scouting handbook. Designed by a Scout Leader, ScoutsTracker enables more effective program planning, badge box inventory management and cost tracking, automated calculation of badge and award requirements completion and dynamic information sharing with leaders, youth and parents.

A resource for anyone in a leadership role within Scouts Canada. This is not an official Scouts Canada site, rather it is a resource containing both official and member-contributed materials. Explore program suggestions for delivery, a cross-listed reference for badges, history about Scouts Canada and more.

TalkScouts is an online forum for the Scouting community to exchange views, best practices and general discussion about things relating to Scouting.