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Cub Scout Trail Cards

Trail Cards are a great way to explore new ideas and activities for each Section on The Canadian Path.

Below you will find Cub Scouts Trail Cards that will help you explore the Four Elements of the Path while completing an activity. During planning meetings, use the Trail Cards to help map out how you can achieve each of the six Program Areas throughout the year.

For more information on the Trail Cards, check out the Trail Card Infographic.

Cub Scouts are involved in playing, having fun and being active while they develop good mental and physical habits for happy and healthy living.

During adventures in this Program Area, Cub Scouts explore personal values and beliefs as well as the diversity of cultures and faiths that make up our communities, our nation and our world.

During adventures in this Program Area, youth are involved in learning about being good citizens in their community, Canada and world.

Cub Scouts learn new skills to live in, and take care of, their environment and Leave No Trace.

During adventures in this Program Area, Cub Scouts learn about and practise the skills of being good leaders in their Section, local community and Canada.

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