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COVID-19 Updates — September 23, 2022 Update: Explore Scouts Canada’s actions as we continue to follow the direction of government and health agencies in maintaining public health. View recommendations and stay informed here.

Volunteer with Kids

Help Scouts chart their own path.

Through a variety of fun experiences with friends, outdoor adventures and contributions to their community, help kids build resilience and skills that set them up for life!

Yes, you can be a SECTION SCOUTER to help run meetings, but there are lots of other ways to volunteer with Scouts too:
Volunteer Locally (Management, Finance, Administration, Teach First Aid & Outdoor Skills)
Volunteer Virtually (Leadership, Communications, Fundraising, Property Management)


Become a Volunteer Today

Get the process started by opening a MyScouts Account today and completing the registration form or by emailing


Register to be a Volunteer Today

Registration Guide for New Volunteers

open quotes

Eighteen years ago, I went to my son’s Cub pack meeting to assist with making “Kub Kars”. Many years later, I am as proud as ever to be a Cub Scouter.  I never knew just how rewarding it would be!

— Larry Taylor, 22nd Halifax Cub Pack Halifax, Nova Scotia

Volunteering with Scouts Canada is fun, flexible and fulfilling.

You will be supported by a team of dynamic volunteers who get as much fun out of Scouting adventures as the youth they support. We provide the training and adventure. You provide the enthusiasm.

There are multiple ways in which you can contribute as a volunteer, whether you would prefer a more administrative role, to share a specific skill you have or to support youth more directly. The commitment in time may also vary depending on your schedule and your role. 


Make a real contribution

Through passion and dedication, volunteers collectively donate over two million hours  of their time each year along with other Scouters, providing youth with the opportunity to grow, to challenge themselves and to experience countless firsts.

With their commitment to Scouting, volunteers help us bring our Vision of youth making meaningful contributions to creating a better world to life by lifting people, communities and neighbourhoods.

The perks of volunteering

• Develop valuable skills that help you achieve personal and professional goals while challenging yourself.

• Complete thorough online and experiential learning in understanding youth, program planning, leadership and safety training.

• Gain opportunities to develop marketing, communication, financial management and fundraising skills.

• Allow more young people to experience all the benefits that Scouting has to offer.

• If your kid is having a blast at Scouts! Why not join the fun and scout together!

open quotes

WHY DO I VOLUNTEER? To see the smiles on their faces when they complete something new, to watch them grow not only in what they know, but their new friendships.

— Stacy Turner, 5th Portage Cub Pack Portage la Prairie, Manitoba

Youth Safety is at the core of everything we do

As Canada’s largest youth organization, Scouts Canada places great importance on creating a fun and safe environment for all our members, especially children and youth. We truly believe we have a responsibility to help make Canada safer for our children and youth.

This is why adults appointed to positions of authority over youth undergo a vetting process which includes; application forms, interviews, police record checks (including vulnerable sector searches), references and youth protection training with Respect in Sport.