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IT Volunteer

Do you want to be a part of the change you want to see in the world? At Scouts Canada our Vision is “Canadian youth making a meaningful contribution to creating a better world.” For more than 100 years, Scouts Canada has brought a world of adventure, outdoor experience, friendship and fun to 17 million Canadian youth and we need passionate people who share our Mission to develop well-rounded youth better prepared for success in the world. 

Scouts Canada is seeking volunteers to join our IT Department.  

As an IT Volunteer, you will be continually working to improve IT effectiveness and efficiency and finding cost reduction opportunities through best practices. 

At the same time, you will assist IT Leader in various projects to ensure that Scouts IT department delivers high levels of application and network availability, reliability, stability, performance, and scalability.

Some of the projects which the IT Department is currently working on:

  1. Power BI – SQL Implementation for Business Reporting
  2. Process Improvement for IT Support Services
  3. CRM Implementation
  4. Consulting Projects on various cutting-edge technologies
  5. Standardize IT Procedures and Policies
  6. Server Maintenance

Responsible to:

IT Leader


  • Understand project scope by studying the project charter and build a project plan based on your analysis
  • Research the IT systems and industry standards to gather primary and secondary data based on the project allocated.
  • Identify the involved stakeholders by either getting the stakeholders list from the initial stakeholders or conducting a study to analyze who all will be involved/affected by the project. Sometimes, a combination of both these techniques may also be used.
  • Gather requirements from the key stakeholders by using requirement elicitation techniques like brainstorming, requirement workshops, focus groups, and others
  • Validate requirements by cross-referencing them with other stakeholders and try to get a buy-in. It is important to achieve a consensus against the requirements before start building the solution.
  • Document requirements by creating use cases, functional and requirement specifications documents. Also, Categorize requirements as functional (contains the features required by the end-users), non-functional (requirements for the performance and usability of the project) operational (operations that are carried out in the background) and technical and accordingly segregate them in different types of documents
  • Understand and assist the project manager to create the project’s business case by making sure all the high-level requirements are listed in the project scope
  • Conduct a cost-benefit analysis to justify the feasibility of the proposed solution. In this analysis, a comparison is made between the money that is being spent on the project and the benefits obtained from it. Obviously, it must be studied whether the project will be profitable before committing any time and resources for it.

Ideal Qualifications

  • Good command over spoken and written communication
  • Business Analysis skills
  • Visualization and prototyping skills
  • Elicitation and interviewing skills
  • Problem-solving and analytical thinking
  • Facilitation and observational skills
  • Business structure knowledge
  • Process modeling skills
  • Interpersonal skills

Other Important information

  • Closing date for this application —14/08/2020
  • Role start date — 1/09/2020
  • 3-4 hours a week of volunteering will be required in this role
  • We are looking to fill six IT Volunteer positions in total
  • Interested individuals should send submit application to Nitin Gupta (
  • Volunteer screening requirements — This volunteer can be a non-member who completes the basic screening.

Note: You may submit your name for consideration or recommend others. Each submission must be accompanied by a CV and a written confirmation from the individual acknowledging that they are willing to serve and that they understand the position.


Application Deadline: August 14, 2020