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Rove Around the World with Scouts.

The world is waiting, are you ready to rove around the world with Scouts Canada?

Makin' waves Challenge

Challenge 2 | OCTOBER 11–17

Sustainable Development Goal:
#13 Climate Change

Partner: Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants

Country: Argentina (Patagonia)

Meeting Length: 20 min–1 hour

Gadget: Matches

Challenge 2
Break the Ice

Great news! The transporting compass worked like a charm this time and you’ve successfully reached the Patagonia region of Argentina. After building a boat in Australia and exploring the Great Barrier Reef, you’ve worked up an appetite and aren’t used to the colder weather here. Nighttime is near—you need to get your camp stove going to make dinner and keep warm.

Oh no! Looks like your GADGET (Matches) fell out of your pack while hiking the Perito Moreno Glacier earlier and they’re frozen in a block of ice! How will you rope in Argentinian Scouts to help you learn about glacial melt and the impact of climate change so that you can retrieve your matches and light the camp stove?

This week let’s think about Goal #13: Climate Action, and how our actions contribute to glacial melts around the planet. How do our actions and lifestyles impact the climate and health of ice? What are the effects of ice and glaciers melting? More importantly, what actions can we take to learn more about protecting the climate and reduce our impact?

As a Section, you might already be taking some steps towards Goal #13: Climate Action, like learning about the outcomes of climate change or making changes to your daily habits to reduce your mark on the planet. Put what you’ve learned into play!



In advance, a Scouter should place matches in a plastic or waterproof bag and freeze them in a block of ice (this can be done using a yogurt container, bucket, etc). Make the ice block as large or as small as you wish.

Give each small team a block of ice and challenge them to get the matches out without ruining them. You can set parameters (e.g., you may not smash the ice, you must melt it), give bonuses to make it easier (like a hairdryer), or leave it completely open and see what creative techniques the youth can imagine!


Per small team (Lodge, Lair, Patrol, etc.):

  • Prepare in advance: Block of ice with matches frozen inside.
  • Container for the water/ice, matches, protective bag for the matches.
  • Optional: Use a bucket or tub for each group to hold their ice (if you're inside or don't want to make a mess).
  • Optional: Supplies to make the task easier like a hairdryer, fire-making supplies or something to chip at the ice with.

Safety Tips

  • If you are using fire, review this fire safety tip and establish safe areas.
  • Using a hairdryer and extension cord? Keep any spills away from the cord—the results of not doing so may shock you!  

Virtual Meetings

For a virtual challenge, check out Exploring By The Seat of your Pants YouTube channel and find hundreds of fun webinars to learn more about nature, climate change and how you can help!

Parental permission is needed for new profiles to be created, but everything is completely free of charge. If you’d like to keep it simple, try using a Scouter profile and sharing the screen for everyone to see and explore together.

Other Activities

Other activities to explore the SDGs (through the Scouts for Sustainability program)

SDG #13—Climate Action:

A Moo-ving Adventure, Bush Tucker, Community Gardening, Close Crop, Farmers Market, Food Waste, Vertical Gardens, Cooking with Leftovers, How Far has Your Food Come, Everyone Needs a Slice, Master Chef


  • Where does Argentina have glaciers?
  • Have they changed in the last few years?
  • What are some things that you can do to stop the glaciers from melting?
  • How does melting glaciers affect the animals and plants around them?
  • How easy was it to use the matches in the cold?



Resources to take the activity further or enhance it for Scouts, Venturers and Rovers:

Supplies List:

  • Matches
  • Small plastic or waterproof bag
  • Containers for freezing the water (ex. yogurt container)
  • Block of ice with matches frozen inside


  • Bucket or tub for each group to hold their ice (if you're inside or don't want to make a mess)
  • Supplies to make the task easier like a hairdryer, fire-making supplies or something to chip at the ice with
Explorers Needed

The world is waiting. Let’s all become explorers this fall as we embark on new adventures together. Check out all the great activities and sessions we’ve got planned.


Each Monday, the Leaderboard will be updated with Region rankings, Top 3 Councils per Region, Pictures of the Week for each Region and Top Trekker (Section) voting options.

Challenge Incentives

How rankings, weekly prizes and the grand prize winner are determined.

Scouts de Argentina

Scouts of Argentina is delighted to be participating with Scouts from all over Canada the Around the World in 60 Days challenge. We hope to meet you and share our cultures, while learning about each country and having fun.

"Leading the present" is the educational motto of our organization. In Scouts de Argentina, leadership is understood as a dynamic, collaborative process in which young people are involved in many roles to generate a positive change in their realities and through that, building a better world.

It is in these educational spaces, in contact with the community, where girls, boys and young people develop leadership and are nurtured with commitment, responsibility, solidarity and community work aimed at those who need it most.

In recent years, we have had a strong emphasis on the involvement of Scouts with their local reality, recognizing that there is no single way to meet the objectives that the organization proposes and that we significantly enrich ourselves with alliances. In the diversity of thoughts, different opinions and different perspectives, we find endless opportunities to build fairer and more sustainable communities where social inclusion and human development are great generators of equal opportunities.

Are you ready to take a virtual trip to Argentina? We hope you enjoy this activity with your!